If relaxation is what you need, our pontoon boats are just for you! We offer 22-24 foot Bentley Pontoon Boats. These smooth sailing and slow-moving boats are perfect for sightseeing, cruising around beautiful LBI, and family outings or group parties. We add new boats to our fleet often and always keep our selection of pontoon boat rentals clean and ready for your next trip to the shore!

Pontoon Boat Rentals Long Beach NJ

Pontoon Boat Rentals

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Plan a family gathering or hang out with friends on our great pontoon boats! Our pontoons accommodate up to 10 people or 1800 pounds. Enjoy the sights and sounds of Long Beach Island, NJ and have a chance to soak it all in while gliding across the clear blue sea!

To rent a pontoon boat, we do not require any previous experience with boating. You must be at least 21 years of age with a valid ID to operate our boats. We provide all of our customers with full instructions and safe boating rules for all of our rentals. Our pontoon boats are all Coast Guard approved, and we provide life jackets, which are required to be worn.

We’re located right on Long Beach Island, just off the coast of New Jersey. Our water is clear and clean—perfect for a relaxing day on a pontoon boat! All of our pontoon boat rentals are clean and well-maintained. Our professional staff works with you to ensure your trip to LBI is a success! Rent our pontoon boats by the half day or the full day; we give you the option of a short trip around the bay or an afternoon exploring the beautiful island. Go out to relax on your own or take friends for a day of adventure on the water! We welcome large groups and even offer group discount rates. Contact us if you’re interested in renting a pontoon boat for your next trip to LBI!